About Me

Craig is a Technical Director with a wide variety of project experience in multiple verticals using a number of technologies.

Craig is an Expert Generalist – he has interest, experience, and a great depth of knowledge in many areas. He is always learning, always teaching, always leading by example, and always up for a challenge.

Leadership: Drawing from a deep understanding of software development, Craig leads his team by providing best practices and real world approaches to ensure on time, high quality, and secure delivery.

Development: Java, Spring, Gradle, Maven, PHP, C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, Shell/Bash, Gentoo Ebuilds, AWS, CloudFormation, SQL (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, and MS SQL Server), and more.

Architecture: Blue sky as well as iterative architectural design experience with a variety of software and hardware platforms. Craig has worked with on-premises big iron mainframes as well as cloud hosting, from AIX to Linux to Windows, and Drupal CMS implements to bespoke Spring Boot solutions.

Security: Craig always keeps security in mind leveraging design reviews and automated tools (such as static and dynamic analyzers), NIST STIGs, and other industry best practices. He holds the ISCĀ² CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional) credential.

Quality: By leveraging automation, testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, continuous delivery, and other best practices, Craig always strives for and delivers high quality cost effective results.