I’m currently working on an application that persists Java serialized data (using ObjectOutputStream) in a database. Java’s serialization format compresses very well – so why not compress the data when storing it then decompress it while reading for a quick win? The problem is that there will still be legacy, uncompressed data, which the application … Continue reading MaybeGZIPInputStream

SQS JMS Resource Adapter

The recently released SQS JMS Resource Adapter allows JEE applications (running on any JEE application server, including Glassfish, Payara, JBoss, IBM Liberty, etc) to easily use AWS SQS as a JMS implementation. This resource adapter can be helpful in many situations, such as: Migrating an existing JEE application from another JMS implementation (such as RabbitMQ, … Continue reading SQS JMS Resource Adapter

Trusting DoD Certificates in Docker and Beanstalk

The US DoD (Department of Defense) uses its own root certificate when signing https certificates for its domains. For example, uses such a certificate. These root certificates are not trusted by any (commercial/public) operating system, browser, or other client. Therefore, in order to access these sites and not get an error, the DoD certificates … Continue reading Trusting DoD Certificates in Docker and Beanstalk